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Feature pictures cover any subject and may not have to suffer the production speed often required with a news picture.  There is an opportunity to spend a little time with the subject; be a fly on the wall as such and photograph them while they are working or relaxing.  It is more of an observation exercise; understanding, and then conveying in pictures a few moments of that person’s world.

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Penny Lancaster

Rod Stewart’s then girlfriend, now wife, Penny Lancaster, in her daytime role as a student of photography at Barking college, Romford, Essex. She is pictured...

Sarah Tucker Book Cover

Travel journalist Sarah Tucker chose this picture of mine for the cover of her book. The original pictures in the set were published in The...

Gemma Halliday

FEATURE FOR THE SUN – Gemma Halliday, age 28 of Ipswich, Suffolk who discovered her husband Ross McCready was already married to someone else.

Selfie Addict, Charlotte Matthews

Charlotte Matthews, age 22 pictured at Southend-on-Sea, in Essex for feature on Charlotte who is addicted to talking selfies.

Sunbed Case Study

Case study for feature on men increasingly using sunbeds. Mr George Howe, age 22 photographed at Southend-on-Sea, Essex.

Chantelle’s Diet

Chantelle Houghton from Billericay in Essex went on a six week diet in a bid to lose weight by the end of January 2014 that...

Jack Monroe

Blogger and writer Jack Monroe at her home in Princes Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex. She was awarded £24,000 in libel damages at the High Court today...

The Magic Brothers

The Magic Brothers. Madness drummer Woody Woodgate with his mentally ill brother Nick, photographed at Havering-Atte-Bower in Essex. Woody and Nick talked to the Sunday...

Bikini Test

Sun page 3 girl Nicole tries out Southend-on-Sea in Essex to see what the reaction is to her entering premises in just a bikini.

Punch & ‘Anne’

Putting a new slant on an old favourite – its the Punch and Anne show. Puppeteer Michael J Fitch reckons Anne Robinson is more of...

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